Hey everyone, Jason here...

Tonight Littleton will be hopping with Art and music stuff happening up and down Mill Street. Check out the event page for additional details > 2nd Friday Art Night - Cabaret

At The Loading Dock we will have my band Not Your Mother playing on the dock (or inside if it is raining), you may have heard us rehearsing from out on the street, now you can come in and check us out for reals! We are going to bust out some new original tunes never played in public as well as a few killing covers done in our own way. Have a listen to our set from The Colonial Theatre in Bethlehem NH!

I am always looking for opportunities to combine art and music, tonight will also be the unveiling of a new idea for me, and possibly for the north country...

Art On Loan (or Rent-To-Own Tors Art)

The basic idea is that buying a piece of art is not an easy thing to do. Its hard to justify spending a couple a hundred dollars on something to just hang on your wall. What happens if you move and it no longer fits? What happens if you get sick of looking at it or worse you stop even noticing the art on your wall because you are used to it... My solution to that is to rent the art from me! If you like my stuff but couldn't afford it, or you could afford it but were hesitant, now you can rent it from me at a reduced rate. At any point in time you can contact me for a replacement or if you really have grown to love the painting you can buy it outright! All the money you put into renting the art will go towards owning it, or another piece.

Most artists have a complicated relationship with the stuff that they make. Not me! Once I am done with the painting it couldn't please me more to have it fly away and live in someone elses' home or office or dorm room. The idea that the piece of mine takes on a whole other life makes me extremely happy! Truth be told, if something hangs around too long at my studio, I give it away or leave it somewhere. Enough blah blah, check out the paintings and stop by tonight to check out some music and artworks!