Saturday 5/20 prepare for a sonic portal into the outer reaches of your consciousness/soul (heh heh)

Ruckzuck is coming back to play at The Loading Dock, this time they have a brand new album, new glitter, more synths, more shiny objects, with this trio from PA more is definitely more! Their music reminds me a lot of early Kraut-rock sounds from the likes of Can but also Flaming Lips and most importantly a sound that only these three artists can make and that is why I am so happy they are coming back to play in Littleton. 

Soul Juice is from my second favorite state, California! This will be uncharted territory for these guys, playing in the north country! The music has a loose jammy feel to it, very sunny and shimmery guitars and ever present tambourine even when there is no actual tambourine.

Rounding out the night is Floral Amoral. It's no surprise I'm heavily biased when it comes to this band, I play beep beep machines in the group. Lately as I have been more and more involved in running The Loading Dock and less time devoted to making music, Floral has blossomed into new directions. Andrew Hauprich is the unstoppable songwriter/mastermind behind this band. He has a host of new tunes that the guys have been shedding on, the direction is a more unabashed rock sound with a beating heart of deep deep songs propelled by drum and bass synchronicity of Carl Gifford and Asher Salomon. The songs will get stuck in your head. Unlike other earworm tunes, you won't mind these ones, at least I don't.