TumblrSampling is a remix or collage of what appears on my dashboard in tumblr.

You have probably seen some of these images represented as semi small prints encased in resin on wood blocks. I have sold them around the north country NH, WREN, Maia Papaya, EMZO or Bad-Art etc.


Time for something new


In September I am sharing an art show with Larry Golden and Ann Steurnagel at The WREN Gallery. I will be reproducing a new series of these TumblerSampling images. This time on 4"x4" Aluminimum. These will be in addition to the series of paintings, large and small, that I am working on at The Loading Dock. Many of the background panels you see in photographs of the space will be in this show and for sale. All the proceeds I make from selling art goes back into supporting The Loading Dock. Art can be commerce.