Tors here, I want to let you all know you should come check out our last two live shows this August.

First up is Cobra Fantastic this Sunday, 8/20. These guys will be super funky, horns etc. I know there’s a show on the Dow too that night but why not check out both! If you have been to Schilling Beer Co. at any point and there is music playing chances are you've heard Jared Steer playing the drums. Jared is such a monster drummer, I love watching him play because he plays exactly what is needed to buoy the music in a forward direction. I am stoked to hear him play his ass off with this band, I think there's going to be some insane musicianship happening and super groovy and fun tunes.

August 25th – Atlas Key, Owl & Bird, and The Jowas. Something for everyone on this night, The Jowas play upbeat garage rock, 90s inspired. They play first, these guys are local and just out of high school, you probably know some of their parents. They have a ton of energy, bring ear plugs or I have some available. Owl & Bird contacted me via the internet. They are a performance art duo and will do a short 20-30 min set of… honestly I don’t know. They only have an Instagram account so… it could be interesting. Closing out the night is Atlas Key. This is their debut gig as a band, their sound is dance/folk/electronica. Live instruments and EDM processing. This is a new project for Ben Salomon from Northern Lights Music in Littleton. Here's a taste