Tors here... This is a special event for a few reasons tonight. Mainly because it is a benefit, our first time doing something like this. Also, my mom battled breast cancer 5 years ago and beat it, shes a survivor. It was the first time that cancer really struck home for me, seeing what my mom went through made me keenly aware of how close she came to not coming back from it. Secondly, it is our first collaboration with the great Junction Magazine out of White River Junction Vt. I am looking forward to more cross state goings on with them in the future. Lets all band together to make tonight a success!

Yes, you heard that right. This event is sponsored by BANDADE, a non profit music presenter that donates their proceeds to cancer research. If you are battling cancer or are a survivor you get in for free. About: 

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Kevin Killen
Knight Pines
Not Your Mother