Kerri Harrington is a full time Acupuncturist, healer, music fanatic, super mom, rock star as well as uber loading dock supporter, collaborator and volunteer

Leonard Cohen wrote

“there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in “

Here is my light… music. 

It’s been that way since I was a child in the 70’s and I heard the Beatles and the Stones and Dylan, and it may always be that way.

This past week has been such an interesting week in live music for me; the genres and artists couldn’t have been more different, yet they all shared a common trait ....heart . I don’t care how talented you are;  if you have heart and have something beautiful to say, I am right there with you 100%.

My week of live music started with my dear friend Linny, her sister Caiti, their dad, and a backup band.  I’m not sure what happened when the maker distributed the talent genes, but this family got a lot!

Linny and Caiti are soul sisters to me.


They have a beautiful way of harmonizing and singing that can only come from being around each other in diapers . They write about love, loss and journeys that speak to the heart.

Their father, “Pops”, is fighting cancer, and they ended the night with a rendition of “ Let it Be “ with a soliloquy by Pops that had me ( and many others ) in tears. 

After Linny Kenny and family, I went to Worcester MA to see one of my favorite bands, The Flaming Lips. For my bday this year  I decided I wanted experiences and not things, and I knew I wanted to meet Wayne Coyne. It ended up being a fantastic birthday. Wayne Coyne is someone who epitomizes love and good will. He met with all of his fans, took pictures,  and really spoke to each and every one of us.

Photo from Jason Tors.jpg
Photo from Jason Tors (1).jpg

I told the band that my love song with my husband  was “ Be My Head” and Wayne Coyne got a good chuckle out of that.  

Flaming Lips ended their 2 hour set of balloons, confetti, and beautiful music with one of my most favorite songs , “ Do You Realize ?!” 

Two days after returning from Worcester, the very creative trio of Ben Salomon, Nic Storella and Jason Tors (Experimental Forest) played the most unique set of my live music week. 

Ben Salomon wrote and conducted a three part piece that had orchestral backup along to Nic’s electric guitar and Jason’s drumming. To hear the inner workings of Ben’s brilliant mind played out in the acoustics of the church was really something to behold.

Experimental Forest rock trio with Brass and Woodwind concert band. 8/6/19

Next I saw Cobra Fantastic at the Loading Dock. This is a band that has talent in spades. They play originals all based on a world where they are travelers from outer space. Their talent is only matched by their creativity and joy.


At one point in their first set, the lead singer’s relatives came in, all decked in Cobra Fantastic gear. They were speaking French. They danced and grooved , his young children included, and it was pure magic.





The very last show of the week was special in that it was a band that has played 4 times now at the Loading Dock. Ruckzuck was one of the first bands that ever played at the Dock when it  opened in 2014.

This time they brought Darsombra and enlisted the local Baghwans (Andrew Hauprich) as openers.


I have traveled and lived 48 years and I’m still amazed at the level of talent we get at our local venue. It was so wonderful, and people were feeling it so much.

I know that maybe our world is falling apart and maybe some want to hug and hurt their neighbors in equal amounts, but I wanted to write this post to let you know that we all have so much in common if we look around.

We all are humans and within us lies a heart, within that heart lies a rhythm, and within that rhythm lies a steady beat. 

Listen to the music and the voices. Listen to what they really have to say.

I believe that we are all really trying to say the same thing, and that same thing is love.

Keep listening to live music and please keep supporting the artists out there making a difference. ❤️

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