Thanks for your interest in performing at The Loading Dock!


This is some basic information to help both of us organize the show.

  • At The Loading Dock we split the door with bands 50/50. If there are multiple bands the 50% share goes to the performance organizer (that is probably you!) and the performance organizer can divvy up the proceeds as she/he see fit.
  • Our space is 50 person max occupancy. We typically ask for $10 cover at the door. If you would like to charge more or less we can discuss that and are open to other ideas.
  • We have a PA and 8 channel board plus 3 decent mics. Someone will be on hand to mix your sound. Let us know if you have other equipment requirements.
  • We will create a facebook event on The Loading Dock fb page and make you an admin. We will promote heavily via social media within our tight knit north country NH community.
  • You can set up a merch table, ask us how we can help.

By agreeing to our terms you will:

  • Arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled set start time to get set up
  • From the 50% of the door please pay your musicians responsibly
  • Do not break, remove, vandalize, mess with or take anything from The Loading Dock or the hallway
  • Clean up after yourselves, recycling and trash in appropriate locations
  • Do not share The Loading Dock door code with anyone outside of the people you are traveling with
Name *
Group contact name
Mobile number
Mobile number
When you are on the road sometimes its hard to check email, give us your mobile number so we can be in touch in case you need help finding the loading dock.
This is the name of all the bands or artists performing
give us something to look at and listen to so we can better promote you in our area and connect you with local musicians that can share the bill
If its a range of dates, let us know that too.
How many people are in your group?
Do you need sleeping arrangements? *
Do you walk in your sleep? Are you affraid of ghosts etc...
Do you agree to our terms outlined above? *
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