Music and art often go hand in hand. Many amazing musicians met in art school. Think David Byrne, Kim Gordon, Keith Richards, M.I.A., Chuck D… The list goes on. Sound and color also go hand in hand, in our brains it often gets mixed and that delightful affliction is called Chromesthesia. Our contribution, at The Loading Dock, to the Littleton Art Festival is a night of amazing music! Please spread the word!

Saturday, 9/22, All ages, $10, doors at 7:30, music 8 sharp

Starting at 8pm is The Ruined Generations. Band member, Benjamin Berkout performed at one of our Under 21 Open Mic Nights in the spring and really blew us all away! Ruined Generations are a local band from the Haverhill area, led by Benjamin Berkhout. They play hard hitting originals reminiscent of the multi layered grunge sound of the 90’s. 

Headlining the night is Dares, a rock trio from NYC. I have a specific connection to this band as my cousin, Mario Santana (no relation to Carlos) is in the band. He and I were talking music and geeking out one Thanksgiving four years ago and spawned an idea! At the time I had just signed a lease on The Loading Dock and was preparing it for habitation. My plan was to turn it into an art studio / maker space until Mario described the DIY music scene that was happening in NYC and other metropolitan areas around the country. He suggested that I advertise The Loading Dock on as a DIY venue. Within a few weeks I got my first email with a show request, a band called Pupppy from NYC was touring new england and wanted to set up a show. The rest is history… What The Loading Dock has become was in large part due to my conversation with Mario that family gathering way back when.

NYC's Dares draw influences from late '70s post-punk to '80s and '90s American Indie Underground.

Dares (NYC)
"I double-dare you to resist the rocking charms of Dares." - Joe McGascko, Surface Noise, WFMU
Comprised of Mario Santana, Devin O'Daniel and Alden Farrar, they began recording with Ben Greenberg (Uniform, Hubble, The Men, Pygmy Shrews) and released their debut 7" vinyl last year.