Second egress plan and necessary changes

Tors here, we have been somewhat dormant at The Loading Dock for the past few months. Here is the reason why. The fire chief in Littleton nicely informed us that we are out of compliance with the fire code for a place of assembly. We had been hosting shows, art events and dance parties and pushing the envelope of what is legally acceptable.

The solution to The Loading Dock becoming a place of assembly with a max capacity of 75 people is fairly simple, we need a second egress (exit) in case of fire emergency.

In the next few weeks we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help raise the money to make these changes. In addition I will be reaching out to our community for volunteer labor to help build the new hallway wall and cut a door sized hole in the brick. Anyone that is immediately interested can email me at

Check out the new stage arrangement, allowing for better integration of the piano on stage left.

Not Your Mother rehearsing

In the meantime five different groups of musicians have been using The Loading Dock as a place to rehearse and develop a shared musical language. There is Uke Club on Monday 5-7, which is open to the public, they tackle cover songs from the ages with Ukes and vocals.  Also on Monday is a totally improvised project I am in with Ben Salomon, Nick Storella and Carl Stagg. Tuesday is Floral Amoral. Floral is the trippy psych-pop brainchild of Andrew Hauprich including Carl Gifford, Asher Salomon and myself. Wednesday is Not Your Mother who is Jae Kim, Juliah Rosebush, Kerri Harrington, Moocho Salomon, Linny Kenney and myself (Im greedy). After Not Your Mother is a new group that consists of Chris Cote and Rubin Adams.

In addition to music I continue to use The Loading Dock as my art studio. In September 2017 I will be having a group show at The Gallery at Wren with Larry Golden and Ann Steurnagel. We have been collaborating on bi-weekly studio sessions and producing a ton of artifacts and interesting things that will all go into this show. Its going to be good, its going to be a little weird, the title of the show is "SHHHH!!!"