Photo by  Zach Sar

Photo by Zach Sar

Hey everyone, Tors here. Thanks to all that volunteered and participated by showing up to our events in March. With your help, we came roaring back! Recently, local photographer, Zach Sar has been taking pictures at our events. Check him out! He also has been documenting our much beloved population of north country dogs.

Zach captured some amazing moments at our show with Ape Not Kill Ape and Sojii both bands from Grand Rapids MI. Floral Amoral, local psych rock band, also played. Here is a cool shot of me playing with Floral Amoral, I make weird sounds.

Ape Not Kill Ape and Sojii were touring together, they also had a photographer / videographer as well as a writer with them documenting the whole thing. Both bands created a beautiful noise, you should listen to this, if they come back through the area I will have them play again for sure.

Ape Not Kill Ape - Photo by  Zach Sar

Ape Not Kill Ape - Photo by Zach Sar

Sojii - Photo by  Zach Sar

Sojii - Photo by Zach Sar

Andrew Hauprich, Floral Amoral - Photo by  Zach Sar

Andrew Hauprich, Floral Amoral - Photo by Zach Sar

LastFriday Comedy Open Mic was a blast! We have another one scheduled for May, spread the word, get your bit together. It helps to write down those funny ideas when you get them. Watch some stand up comedy and put something together. I am totally giving it a shot next time, I was too chicken to go up the first time. Also, if you know someone that is funny and you can peer pressure them into doing it, that is also totally ok. This is theraputic people! 

Photo by Asher Salomon

Photo by Asher Salomon

The return of the dance parties

Jeremey Hand aka Northern Royalty Sound will be queuing up tracks from the 90s, anyone remember the 90s? Yea, me either... So it will be like brand new jams! Maybe the 90s were your decade, expect the best, prime cuts. Something we have done informally at dance parties but will henceforth begin to make official... Collaborative painting while you boogie. Ken Kimball, local artist and musician, built a 8x4 foot stretcher, we got the big canvas stretched and it has about a quarter inch of paint on it. Let go of your inner anal artist and give in to the fun of painting with cool colors.  

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The punkiest punk show

Amelia and Tim Hite are on fire with their band Time Out Timmy, they are co-hosting a great show at The Loading Dock with The Cryptics / Time Out Timmy / Wimpy + Cryptics Full Queers Set. We have a capacity of 75 people so this could potentially sell out. Check out the links on the facebook event. If you are into The Queers, you should definitely be at this show...

Don't miss Beagle Bash in Lisbon during the Lilac Festival, it is a total blast! (also check out the Lilac Festival)

The stage is set up right on 302 just walking distance outside downtown Lisbon. Now there is a Dollar General right across the street for easy parking and festival shopping... Whatever it is that they sell at dollar general... Seriously, whats up with that place? Check out their line up, listen to the bands that you don't know, lets keep all this going, show up and spread the word! I am also playing in Lisbon at 5pm for the Lilac Festival with Not Your Mother. We have been working on a lot of new original songs and covers, super stoked to play this festival again!

Photo by Zach Sar

Photo by Zach Sar