Yes, it's the return of the Dance Party, DJ Jeremy Hand aka Northern Royalty Sound will be kicking out the 90's jams!

Do you remember the 90's? Maybe it was all a blur for you or maybe they were times that conjure up some intense (good, bad or indifferent) memories from your youth. Music can be a time capsule and a soundtrack for your experiences from 20 years ago. What better than to share that experience than with friends! Jeremy Hand from Northern Royalty Sound has something special up his sleeve for this dance party, you won't want to miss it!

Play with painting collaboratively while taking a break from dancing

This is a photo from a dance party last year celebrating Kerri (aka KerriJam) Harrington's bday. The collaborative painting during dance parties started out organically as something for the wall flowers to do but then became something of a catharsis, another way to interact with folks around you. There is nothing precious about this kind of painting, eventually it gets painted over and begins again. 

The Loading Dock could not happen without dedicated volunteers, Kerri Harrington and Patti Slavtcheff have been hugely influential in bringing all of this greatness to the community. They will be hosting on Friday night, say hi to them & give them a big hug.