Tors here. I was a New Yorker working as am AMC fall caretaker in NH when 9/11 happened. The text below is taken directly from my little Rhodia note pad. All photos taken on film with a Yashica T4.




"Change, like most events, happens and divides time and history as coming before or after this one event. And change is not always in an instant… One, seemingly small event, can spark a change that grows with time. A couple of times in a lifetime events and news passes by and leaves a different mood, lifting out of the individual and into a national consciousness, what are we going to do? Over radio call, Mark Zeizel is ok, Jae is still in Colorado. I wonder if my mom will call, I am now either in refuge in the woods or trapped or left in seclusion to think thru these details of current events.


On top of Garfield, Hatche summited, sweating and with a firm handclasp down the shaking line. Ed, Nick, Pete, Knob and myself listened as Hatche told us the events from this morning, tues. 8am. In english with heavy spanish accent, “two planes crashed into each tower of the WTC and one crashed into the pentagon.” From that point on our time was different. Our mood shifted from expansive group elation to rational concern, personal safety, concern for relatives, sadness and shock."




As I sit now, on my porch, the morning sun filtering thru, I keep rolling over yesterday’s events. It is a sharp thing that my mind avoids but rests on exploring the edges and boundaries, feeling the pain and retreating, but always going back. Jamie is coming down today, wanted to know if it was weird if she could sleep on my tent floor, doing a big loop, might not even make it to 13 falls.


Over shelters radio call Pete announced the news to all shelters, confirming for me what Hatche told us yesterday. I was hoping he was wrong, it is amazing how Jae and I planned it, not to be in Manhattan during the crisis, I wonder if we should move out for good this time, it makes me eager to finish this time at the AMC and to start preparing… to grow up. I know the next few days will be exciting, cant wait to go up to the hut and talk to people up there. Making my daily preparations for a march up to Gailhead Hut.

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