Second Sun & Skunkhunt Friday, March 15, 8pm. $10, all-ages


Second Sun is a metal band formed in 2016 by former Screen members Jared Hazelton and Jake Perry, along with Jared's brother Avery. Influenced by a multitude of genres and artists, the band put a spin on classic metalcore and hardcore sounds. Noah Enos replaced Jake on bass in 2017 before the release of the Slaughtered to Sleep EP. Their new album cult was recorded at NCCR studios by Dustin Peterson and features thirteen blistering metal tracks bound to get a crowd moving.

Photos by Zach Sar

Doom meets Groove metal. The great north woods have unearthed a darker sound. Bridging a gap between sub-genres and states. Willow Ash is a one man studio band from Lyndon VT and Skunkhunt is a three piece from Littleton NH. Together we've forged a nasty sound that cannot go unnoticed or remain unheard. 

The progression of heaviness is unlike anything else. The Dimebag worship from Skunkhunt, the Sabbath/Alice in Chains/Eyehategod worship from Willow Ash. This takes you through a trip of all kinds of heavy and will leave you wondering how it got from A to B. And you'll enjoy every minute of it. This is for fans of all kinds of heavy music. We hope to inspire more heavy music to be birthed in this cold dark place we call home. 

Photos by Zach Sar