When this album finally came to fruition, it had been 29 years in the making. There were many false starts. Swindles. Timing was never seemingly right. Enter... impromptu journey to Easton, NH... It was the night I walked into MoJo Music Studio that everything in my world changed... with Johny Paycheck playing in the background and strange happenings swirling in the air . . .I knew I had found home. Recording fell into place with such ease from that moment on...from the musicians I wanted being available, the songs pouring out of my soul and the money manifesting at all of the right moments... the 18 years worth of journals I had written to my son, from the day I let him go into adoption, until the day we met on his 18th birthday... it was all about to become the most beautiful album I have made to date. The amazing stories have continued since the release in Sept.2018... there is something about the story that pulls me to tell it over and over again... and I am blessed each time. With the likes of Morris Manning, Steve Mcbrian, Dane Anderson and Jared Steer, making such a beautiful music; was seamless... and the engineering wizardry of Anthony Cimino sealed the deal... this team turned my songs into the labor of love I had carried for all of those years... I look forward to continuing the journey with you.  

Ericka Cushing Morris Manning Steve Mcbrain Dane Anderson Jared Steer

Ericka Cushing
Morris Manning
Steve Mcbrain
Dane Anderson
Jared Steer