MassMoca is celebrating their platinum anniversary this year, 20 years of supporting fresh and amazing Art. WanderWord was invited to participate in the celebration.

Recreational poetry.

WanderWord is a Brooklyn, NY / Littleton, NH based collective who invent and produce site specific, interactive poetry events.

Our mission: to regale new audiences with forward-thinking blends of live performance, technology and anti-technology.

WanderWord is the brainchild of Susan Brennan and Ed Zeizel. Your’s truly, Jason Tors, provides the graphic design, installation support, and delivery boy. No doubt if you’ve been to The Loading Dock you have seen various items from previous WanderWord installations. We have participated in the last 2 Solid Sound music festivals and one MassMoCA Free Day event. It is safe to say that we love the opportunity to work in collaboration with MassMoCA.


The concept for this event was clothesline poetry. The ability to set out a fresh poem to hang on a wire suspended over a crowd. In this case the crowd was assembled in courtyard A with live music, dancing air demons, food trucks, games and more. People of all ages gathered to celebrate the occasion on May 25th 2019.

We were situated at the top of a fire escape which gave us a great view of the festivities below. The unintended experience was the interaction with the crowd. People would walk up the stairs and start talking, asking questions, looking around at our set up. There was a performance element to the event as we were changing up the poems every hour. We can’t thank MassMoCA enough for giving us the support to make clothesline poetry a success.